LHCC’s ministry response to COVID-19 : 2021 Update 


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After a challenging 2020 we are optimistic and hopeful for an end to the stay-at-home orders, a return to public school and a much improved 2021. Learning Help Centers of Charlotte continues to infuse hope to our families each day. We serve families for whom hope may be foreign …      

We have been operating our in-person Connect Hub each week since September 2020 by  providing assistance to students who need a safe place to connect, in more ways than one. Previously we delivered over 29,000 meals door-to-door for our young students and their families and currently supply meals three days a week. We added LHCC Family Food Distribution to our LHCC Mobile Meals program to address all food insecurity needs in a timely manner. We delivered kids meals every week, along with adult meals and grocery deliveries. This essential meal program will continue through this year to ensure our families who can’t collect food receive the daily meals they desperately need. This month we start hot supper meals for all our in-person kids and families. See our  mobile meals video

Organizations and individuals continue to reach out to offer support. Here are our most immediate needs:

  • Volunteers for in-person Connect Hub and after-school learning. We have paired up each student with a volunteer in order to keep abreast with school learning assignments. We are helping all our elementary school students as best we can under the challenging remote learning conditions, but making a big difference nonetheless

Essential LHCC services is being provided daily through:

  • Two meals per day during our Summer Enrichment program, from June 18 until August 13, 2021
  • Regular contact with parents and children, by volunteers and staff,
  • Friday meals for parents, compliments of LHCC Kinship Kitchen
  • Weekly supply of food and meal packs for all families and their children
  • Food hamper packs and family gift cards. We provided over $7,000 in benevolence to needy families in 2020

Thank you for your continued support. We covet your prayers for the children and families we serve during the pandemic…

Working while it is day,

Brent Morris

Executive Director, Learning Help Centers of Charlotte

June 2021
























Your partnership, passion and volunteer involvement all continue to make a difference, especially during a pandemic.

Here are a few examples of our accomplishments and milestones this year:

  • We delivered over 26,500 meals door-to-door for our young students  and their families by adding LHCC Family Food Distribution to our LHCC Mobile Meals program. We increased our family engagement by over 80% as we commenced providing services to parents across a broad spectrum of topics from assimilation to immigration
  • We have assisted many needy families with rent support, in excess of $7,000
  • We served 40 children in-person over the summer and during the school year, even during the pandemic
  • Parents like Rebecca and Lizbeth managed to provide increased oversight of the homework and reading requirements of her three children
  • Children like Karina and Shaila truly embarked upon an improved English reading regimen and have now started reading to their younger siblings

Many people have helped raise a significant portion of our Learning Help Centers of Charlotte operating budget. For every dollar raised over 95 cents goes directly towards providing scholastic, spiritual and social supports to families mired in generational poverty.

If you’re thinking of making a year-end gift to LHCC, don’t do it just because we are celebrating our 8th year of existence in 2020:

Do it because you want to see more children succeeding in public schools and see the hope that we offer when remote-learning does not

Do it because we have many benevolence requests at this time of year. Families in need of reliable transportation, out of work or under-employed, and simply need a hand up. We are building a benevolence fund with a goal of $7,500 in 2021, to include the food insecurity crisis.

Do it because you love to hear feedback from volunteers who are sharing their expertise and being beacons of hope for the next generation

Do it because most families would never be able to afford what we provide in the form of education and encouragement, at a local church and close to where they live and go to school

Your reasons for giving at the end of the year should inspire you. We hope that your love for our neighbors and the communities we serve does just that and that you feel good about the social good we are providing as a trusted community partner. We believe that good works lead to goodwill that leads to good news and that hope is oftentimes more important than building vocabulary.

Thank you for your support of Learning Help Centers of Charlotte!


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