We Provide Five Key Programs to our Communities 


After-school Literacy Enrichment, Homework & Reading Support

Weekly after-school support and tutoring for children ages 4 to 18, utilizing professional resources  in partnership with community Title 1 schools.  Our goal is to assure student success and improve reading, writing & math proficiency, overall school grades, and reverse the adverse trend among high school drop-outs, the highest being for immigrant children, at 14%. Children are also encouraged to read chapter books every day, and participate in a “new words reading challenge.” Our focus also includes pre-school children with early learning and literacy.



Summer Reading, Literacy & Enrichment Camps

“Fan into Flame” or “Shaping their Future” children’s summer camps comprise reading and academic enrichment, educational field trips, sports, swim clinics, and a whole lot more … We served over 50 students per week during our 2017 summer camp program, which proved to be a huge success. Click  our Summer Enrichment Camp page to view more pictures and testimonials from our 2018 Fan into Flame Summer Camp. Camps are offered at no cost to the children who attend our after-school program. Our 2018 partners included Missionary Athletes International, MSA Swim Association, Latin Americans Working for Achievement (LAWA), Great Outdoor University (GoU), Carolina Thread Trail, and the YMCA of Greater Charlotte.



Family Stabilization

Residents may receive assistance with job searches, connecting with local public schools, benevolence, and translation services. We meet with new community members and families, help establish resident relationships through ESL classes and family friendly community events, and offer targeted services like conversational ESL, parenting classes, financial literacy & job assistance.



Community Events & Weekend Sports 

We develop custom programs throughout the school year including apartment-based soccer clinics, swimming, painting/drawing, healthy eating and nutrition sessions. Each of our learning centers is currently offering regular weekly or monthly activities for both children and their parents to interact in an active, comfortable, safe and friendly environment. Volunteers often arrange various activities for children, while mom’s get their nails painted. Or, our kids do the honors and paint their mom’s and our volunteers nails. In addition, there is drawing, face painting, coloring, crafts and painting to meet everyone’s artistic needs. For those more inclined towards playtime, the outdoors and sports, we conduct events on the soccer fields/courts which stimulate teamwork, good character morals and mutual respect for everyone.



Family Enrichment

Trusted relationships with residents and children affords our team the opportunity to offer adult bible studies and children’s devotions. The success of this service is measured by changed lives and transformation. Building children’s character and resolve to pursue a relationships especially from a young age, is key to spiritual enrichment. This is no different with adults. We undertake to serve everyone, without bias or discrimination, meet them where they are and lead them to a place of comfort where they can ask questions. We are intentionally very relationship-orientated.



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