Volunteer Update for the New School Year


Dear LHCC volunteers,

Despite a few minor start-up bumps for CMS students, our kids are all hopefully focused on day 3 of the new school year as you read this. Thank-you for taking the time to review our proposed approach and plans to continue to serve our families.

This past weekend, we enjoyed a fantastic inaugural LHCC family mountain retreat, with 20 of our kids and their parents. It was a great time of outdoor fun, fellowship, sharing our faith and food like you have never seen before, catered by our new family members.

Tomorrow, we have arranged a mobile unit, equipped with two qualified optometrists to provide vision screenings and eye exams for all our kids. Those that need them, will be offered complimentary prescription reading glasses.

Onto the part that affects each of you, our wonderful volunteers. Mentoring and learning for our students. As our students settle in to the new virtual school year, we are asking that you kindly:

  • Stage 1: Simply undertake to make contact and offer encouragement for the next couple of weeks … as convenient and only once per week is all we are requesting
  • Stage 2: Starting in early September, we will proceed with weekly contact, virtually, as we assess whether the church will allow us back to conduct face-to-face homework help and reading, once a week, as before. Zoom call host information available upon request
  • Stage 3: For those willing to connect live, we plan to meet in person, in addition to the support offered in Stage 2. Please be advised ALL our families are seeking face-to-face help, where possible, as they recognize the value of cross-cultural relationships and connectivity with volunteers
  • Incidentally, Stage 0 has been in effect since mid-March, in that we have been assisting parents with navigating the school system, virtual learning, feeding and kids meals, and additional care and support tools.

Your support of our families is much appreciated. Many of you have already connected with students this week and we welcome more contact, as outlined in Stage 1. Thank-you, thank-you.

You can really help us by texting your status as follows:

1 – I’m in and connecting with my student

2 – I need more information or guidance

3 – I’m happy to go virtual in September

4 – I’m happy to help on-site when safe

5 – Give me 30 days, I’m still not sure

6 – I’m out, sorry

We have advised mothers to expect calls from you in order to connect with your assigned student(s) or family. Kindly advise if you have feedback, are unassigned or need contact information to make contact.

Lastly, we are making a comeback. We will reconvene our LHCC Mobile Food Delivery Program in early September. We will send out a new sign-up schedule, once we have secured food sources and confirmed weekly delivery day(s)

Blessings to you and yours.

Working while it is day

Brent, Diego and Caren

Wednesday, August 19

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