Volunteer Meeting Notes 1/5


Link to Recording of Zoom meeting:

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Overview of Meeting:

Volunteer Surveys

  • If you have yet to submit a survey please do so by the end of the week (1/8)
  • Main takeaways:
    • Volunteers care about the community aspect of LHCC. We will continue to emphasize community through the programs mentioned below in addition to current programs and events 
    • We will increase communications between parents, volunteers, and students 

Two New Programs we are hoping to start:

  • SLAY the Dragon Leadership Academy Middle and High Schoolers:
    • A program focused on teaching life skills and motivating middle and high school students 
      • We will have volunteers talk with students and introduce them to new hobbies and careers in a setting that promotes community 
    • Volunteer duties will not shift due to this program unless they wish to contribute 
  • Kinship Kitchen
    • A community kitchen that will be a space for LHCC families and others to learn new recipes, cook, and grow their catering businesses
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