Jun 152021

During the past three months, LHCC has launched its first Kinship Kitchen at St Andrews United Methodist Church. Our brag sheet is about the progress that our culinary partners and families have made:

  • LHCC completed our first ever kitchen food safety training for our first group of parents, both men and women
  • LHCC provided over 1,000 kitchen-prepared meals for our program parents and their children for the past 3 months
  • We produced our first of many videos to provide a view into the lubricants of food, fun and fellowship and why we are serving our community
  • We certified all of our initial Serve Safe food handlers to equip them for workforce opportunities in the service industry
  • LHCC utilized our kitchen and newly acquired skills to provide kids meals during our summer program
  • LHCC is offering Friday evening family meals, prepared by our newly trained students
  • LHCC continues to seek and leverage partnerships to procure affordable food, train more parents and teach about nutritional versus traditional home cooked meals
  • LHCC welcomes volunteers and those excited about all things food to join our family and experience kinship as we break bread and build lasting relationships

For more information, please see our Get Involved link on our website or contact us at mail . Kindly mention Kinship Kitchen involvement

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