2020 Summer Enrichment & Literacy Camps


“Fan into Flame” Summer Enrichment ~ July and August 2020

In light of the current pandemic we will conduct one week of summer enrichment programs, after four months of kids meal delivery, as well as two planned overnight camps for kids and their families, who desparately need a change of scenery, duly socially distanced, of course.

This years JumpStart Summer program will focus on nurturing relationships, getting outdoors, unity and having fun. The mantra is that there is only one race,  the human race, so everyone is welcome. Last year we served campers representing over 16 different ethnicities, from nations across the globe. We will deliver five days of action-packed programming from Monday to Friday, July 27 to 31. In addition, we are providing weekly activities throughout the summer to ensure our students are actively engaged in learning and reading enrichment, so they can return to school feeling energized and ready for another school year.

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2019 A Day at Summer Enrichment Camp ~ Learn. Rejoice. Play. from LHCC on Vimeo.

We are once again seeking enthusiastic and committed high-school interns, college interns, chaperones and volunteers to participate.

Camp schedules are full-day, Monday thru Friday, from approximately 9:00am to 4:00pm. Planned program dates are as follows:

Week commencing Monday July 27 at our south-side location, St Andrews United Methodist Church, for five days through July 31, 2020

Who is ready for summer? We know from experience that the summer can be one of the most challenging times of the year for children of low-income communities, whose parents work, and therefore leave children unattended at home.Fan into Flame Design 2015 We know that Summer Reading Loss is a major problem for young readers who return to school further behind than when the summer commenced. Why? Because there is no-one to encourage and help them to read books, just for the fun of it, as well as to learn about the world in which they live. So many lack context for what they are reading, which is why we try to expose children to new place and experiences in our holistic summer enrichment program.

Our annual Fan into Flame Summer Enrichment Camp serves children (ages 5 to 12) like Sofia.  A 7-year-old sister of Gabriella, the first summer in Charlotte, these young girls had nothing to do but play video games and watch TV.  .  Last summer they attended LHCC’s summer camp, read many books, went on multiple educational field trips and also learned to swim. Sofia and Gabriella attend our weekly tutoring program. 

What we do over the summer:

Mornings – Character lessons, reading and literacy enrichment (every day of camp), including nutritious breakfast and “home-cooked” lunch

Afternoons – Field trips to the greenway, outdoor nature trails and excursions with Go University, swimming at the YMCA and various museums, activity centers and sports and swimming facilities, including nutritious snacks and refreshments. Excursions to museums and other facilities are restricted during the pandemic.

Our summer camps are offered at no charge to low income community residents, where we have existing partnerships and relationships, built around our after-school programs.

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Feedback from 2019 Fan into Flame Summer Campers:

“I really enjoyed the swimming and going to the Mint Museum. We went to the top of the Duke Center. The view was nice. I liked camp a lot” – Ashley Grade 3

“I rated the summer camp 10 out of 10. I loved it” – Karina R 5 grader

“My favorite things were going to the museums and swimming. I also read 6 books” – Dayanarit M 4th grader

I enjoyed going to the Museum of the New South and learning about history of Charlotte. The camp made my summer fun because I learned a lot of new things”  -Ashley M 7th grader

“I enjoyed the devotions, character and object lessons very much”  – Zeke G  8th grader

“Summer camp was fun. If I didn’t come, I would’ve been indoors playing video games”. -Jordan 5th grader 

“I read over 10 books with book reports. They encouraged me to read chapter books every day”  -Matthew M 5 grader

“I didn’t really enjoy reading, but I know it will help me with school” – Danexi – 2nd grader

“My mom loved that I went to camp so that I could learn and not be in the house all day every day” – Wilfredo P 5th grader

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