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Young children and their parents are the primary beneficiaries of our program services

“Yesterday, at the end of the tutoring program, I wish to thank LHCC, Mr. Brent and his wife and daughters, and all volunteers for the help they give our children, so that they have a better future. It was beautiful to be part of this program and to meet all the parents and volunteers, together. They, and the tutors of my son Chris and daughter Valeria are a wonderful gift from God. Thank-you from the bottom of my heart today, on our day of celebrating the end the school year. They are waiting to start the summer camp and the restart of the 2018-2019 program.”

Brenda R, parent of two awesome pre-K and elementary school children (June 2018)

“I am very grateful to the volunteers for the service they provide, helping the children to read each day better, as well as with math tasks. They do a great job!”

Parent of three students, and first year program participants

” I would like to thank all the volunteers and leaders for their hard work at the camp. {My daughter} enjoyed the camp very much. Thank you for giving the families the opportunity to do summer activities. Truly blessed to have this organization. Thank you!!!. Please tell all your volunteers how much we appreciate what they do to help our children.”

Parent and grandmother of two students, and second year of program participation

Hello LHCC! Please tell your volunteers that we are very grateful for what they do with so much affection and dedication, what they have done for my son has been so significant. I have only gestures and words of gratitude for all the people who make LHCC a reality of which so many children have benefited. We believe with {my son} that we are blessed to have very valuable friends whom we cherish and respect. You really are all great LHCC friends and you can rest assured that our friendship will be forever! THANK YOU!”

Parent of 4th year program and summer camp participant

“We are so thankful to everyone who made this program possible. I am a single parent raising four children, after my husband left us two years ago. I am not always able to be at home when {my two children} are at home, as my work hours are very unscheduled. My two youngest children have loved coming to the camps and the after-school program this last year. Your volunteers have really shown them love and support with their homework and reading. Thank you for keeping my children during the weeks of summer camps and for making their camp experience fun and enjoyable. {My rising 4th grader} has been encouraged by Mr. {her assigned tutor} to read during the summer and has read a lot of books that you all provided. The binder of English and maths exercises have also kept her occupied in a good way. Thanks to your sponsors and volunteers for teaching them so many new things, as well as to be better children. We are so grateful for all that you do for the children, and we thank God for all you do at LHCC!”

From a parent residing in south community apartments whose two children have been in our program for 10 months

“I am so happy to have found a summer program for my daughter. She has made friends and learned a lot this summer. She is also learning to read and write and was happy when she passed her swimming test at the Simmons YMCA. Thank-you for all you do for my church and the children”

Eduardo ~ Parent of rising 5th grader Albemarle Rd Elementary 

“We have been so happy to have found LHCC. My three children have been helped every week with their homework and reading. We loved going to the basketball match together as a family too. Thank-you to your volunteers for all that you do for us”

Carolina ~ Parent of three young children (Grades K to 4)

“Thank-you for having my family for summer camp at the church. They all enjoyed it and I am happy that the were able to read some books every day. The ESL classes for the parents were also a nice way to learn and meet new parents”

Victoria ~ Parent of two elementary school children Albemarle Rd community

“My three children has been attending the afterschool and summer camp program for over a year. I have seen a big change in their behavior and willingness to help around the home and care for others. They seem to be making better choices at home and at school with their friends and their grades have all improved. Thank you LHCC and volunteers for helping my family”

Wanda ~ South Community residents

“Since the LHCC After School Enrichment Program started at Ashford Place apartment complex last March, my daughter has become more social with other kids. Since she participated in the Summer Camp, she has also improved her English and now, she’s more comfortable speaking it. As a family, it has helped us to integrate easily into the community and make new friends. Thank-you.”

Elsa E ~ Resident – Ashford Place Apartments

“Seeing how you cared about my child, helping him week after week, has given me the courage to ask for help as a single mom” 

Esmerelda ~ Resident – Hidden Valley Apartments

“My two boys have been attending the afterschool program for just 6 weeks and already their teachers and I have seen the difference in their reading and homework assignments. Thank-you for supporting my children and the many others you serve here along the South Blvd communities”

 Parents of tutored students – Montclaire Estates  Apartments

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