Social Capital


5. Social Capital

What the task force had in mind: Ensure that children and families have relationships in the community which connect them to opportunities, information and resources, and broaden their horizons about what is possible in their lives. The task force also has in mind that the community organizations demonstrate to each child, youth and adult that their contribution is vital to the success of their community.

What are we doing to address: This has been an important service since our inception. Families were assisted with crises like not being able to pay for their rent and utilities. We have evolved to assisting families with conversational English and learning to make better choices with their income, and save for a rainy day.

In addition we have deployed strategies to:

  • Encourage our children to run-to, rather than away-from law enforcement
  • Encourage parents to be active participants in their children’s school Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
  • Learn English, so that they can converse with teachers about their children’s progress
  • Stay in school, avoid drop outs, and reduce the risk of ending up in the criminal justice system
  • Seek advice from experts that they can trust and avoid the many pitfalls of relying on incompetent people with ulterior motives

One or more stories demonstrating positive results in this area: One of our families was involved in a property scam in 2015. This resulted in significant emotional pain and financial loss. We directed them to an attorney who provided a free consultation and who provided options for seeking relief through the court system. We undertook to write various complaints to local consumer affairs organizations and the US State attorney. In addition, we have partnered with Latin Americans for Workforce Achievement (LAWA) to offer training for parents interested in serving on their children’s school PTA.

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