College & Career Readiness


2. College & Career Readiness


What the task force had in mind: Broaden the access to high quality college and career pathways offered by public school and post secondary institutions, and equip students and parents with the information they need to understand and navigate college and career pathways

What are we doing to address College and Career Readiness? We have realized that not every student or parent for that matter wishes to attend college. The allure of working and contributing to the family’s economic well-being is a big draw, even before completing high-school.

Strategies that LHCC have deployed to inform our middle and high school students about what they will be doing after high school:

  • Encourage all students that we believe in them and that they can graduate from high-school and attend a college
  • High school students in poor performing high-schools and low graduation rates should consider transferring, especially if their student is not coping for reasons other than academics
  • Encourage students to speak to their counselors and career orientated institutions who offer scholarships and learn about college and job options

One or more stories demonstrating positive results in this area: One of our high school students was underperforming in a challenging public school whose college aspirations were one in three attend college. LHCC was able to assist the single parent to transfer him to a better high school and encourage him to seek a career in a field that he enjoys. We provided exposure to some technical fields. This sophomore is now more engaged at school, significantly more computer savvy and seeking to attend a local technical college. After completing his GED. We are also assisting with advice on scholarships and ways to pay for his college tuition.

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