Mr. Richard Osman – LHCC Board Chair

Ozzie is a retired engineer having held various leadership positions in engineering, product and process development, sales and marketing, and new business development. He and his wife, Desiré, are active and very engaged volunteers with our LHCC programs during the school year and during the annual LHCC summer camp program, as well as with other non-profits in Charlotte. Ozzie is our third chair and assumes the role from Fady, effective September 2020 and is enthusiastic about leading the board through an exciting period mid-pandemic and in executing our strategic plan. Mr. Osman and his family reside in Mecklenburg county.

Mrs. TaShawn Mathews – Treasurer 

TaShawn recently relocated to Charlotte and is an experienced Financial Manager. She has been actively engaged in Latina/Latino education and cultural diversity and has undertaken mission trips to Central America.

Ms. Mathews and her family reside in Mecklenburg county and in directly involved in the PTA of her students local CMS school.


Mr. Fady Sidhom – Vice Chair

Fady is a Senior Vice President at Bank of America, where he is a Structured Credit specialist in the Merrill Lynch Management Group. Fady is an active community volunteer and participant in our program. Fady served as our second board chair for a period of two years and now serves as the vice-chair, in support of the newly elected chair. Mr. Sidhom and his family reside in Charlotte, Mecklenburg county.



Mr. Brian Paley – Board Secretary

Brian joined the board in January 2019. Brian is the Southeast USA Regional Manager at TDI Products. He is also deacon at his local community church and is also an active community volunteer. He has participated regularly in our after-school literacy and enrichment programs, and is our newly appointed Board Secretary, effective September 2020. Brian and his family reside in Waxhaw, Union County.



Ms. Traci Rodgers – LHCC Board Member

Traci is one of two of the recently appointed members of the board. She is an experienced Financial Analyst and is employed by Bank of America. Ms Rodgers is a regular volunteer in our after-school literacy and enrichment program, and a strong advocate for the plight of under-served families. Traci and her family reside in Charlotte, Mecklenburg county.



Pastor David Ortigoza – LHCC Board Member

Pastor David joined the board in January 2020. He is the dynamic pastor of the multi-cultural congregation at his local community church, St Andrews United Methodist Church. St Andrews has been an anchor community partner with LHCC. He has participated regularly in our after-school literacy and enrichment programs and is a big advocate for our immigrant neighbors. Pastor David and his family reside in Charlotte, Mecklenburg county.



Brent Morris – Executive Director

Brent has been serving marginalized children and families in Charlotte since 2004. Brent resigned from his corporate management consulting position in March 2013 after 16 years of working in corporate America, in order to follow his calling to serve, predominantly, at-risk immigrant and refugee children in the inner city of Charlotte. Attracted to the LHCC ministry due to its mission to serve children, Brent is an advocate for unity and reconciliation among all people. In 2020 Brent sought board approval to undertake a special initiative to promote kinship and community service among church congregants. He has taken on the challenging task of leading a grass-roots non-profit in hopes of building an awareness and an operating model to continue to sustain the mission of LHCC. These services include planning, coordination and delivery of family and after-school interventions and summer enrichment camp programs.  He also facilitates coaching and mentoring, fundraising, marketing and social media, web-site development and volunteer and sponsor campaigns. Brent is a member of Life Church and is an active social entrepreneur who builds collaborative partnerships with schools, churches, non-profits and businesses alike, to address unity among all groups of people and the needs of local communities.

Mr. Diego – Parent and Program Coordinator

Along with our loyal team of volunteers, we are thrilled to work alongside community representatives and parents of our children, who have a passion to give back to their communities. Volunteers have been serving for many years and include educators, LEP literacy teachers and elementary school teachers. Mr Diego has been supporting our program and the children we serve for over 3 years and is an active participant in our weekly after-school program. Mr. Diego has a young family member in our program, so he genuinely recognizes the value of our time and talents to connect other families to our program. Any contribution to our work with children, especially building relationships and literacy mentoring, is appreciated.

Ms. Rebeca Perez BernalVolunteer and Program Coordinator

Rebeca served as an intern at our recently completed summer camp and is already engaged in our Tuesday evening after-school homework support and Thursday Connect-Hub programs.

Rebeca is a graduate of Bowdoin College, Brunswick, ME where she received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology.  She has previously worked as a Welcome Center Intern at the Latin American Coalition and at International House as a Community Events intern. Her roles have included assisting immigrants with acclimation to the city through applications for jobs and housing, as well as translation services and supporting families with access to resources across the Charlotte area.

Rebeca’s family hails from Mexico and she loves helping immigrant families and their children. Her role with LHCC will include connecting volunteers to our students and assisting in providing volunteer feedback to the parents of our students.

Ms. Brittany Hanks- Children’s Program Coordinator

Brittany served as an intern at our recently completed summer camp and is engaged in our Tuesday evening after-school homework support and Thursday connect hub programs.

Born and raised in Charlotte, NC Brittany has been serving and working with children through Christian camps and church youth groups throughout high school and university. She is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and graduated with a BA in communication studies. Upon graduating, she spent a year with the campus ministry CRU living in New Delhi, India as a missionary. Since returning to Charlotte, She has worked with Booster Enterprises, a fundraising organization that raises money for elementary schools through fitness and character lessons.

She is a member of Mercy Church, and volunteers with her church’s student program. She has a love for forming trusting relationships and sharing the gospel with students. Her role with LHCC will include engagement of children and families attending the program, overseeing the children’s after-school program and assistance with execution of summer camps.

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