Feb 162019

Can you imagine living in constant fear of being apprehended while taking your children to school? Or how about when driving to the grocery store wondering if this is your day for a run in with undercover officers calling themselves police?

The recent ICE raids have surely left their mark on families who worry on a daily basis if they will be separated from your children without warning. Children may be Americans, but that does not prelude them from the fear of not seeing their parents when they arrive home from school. There is no doubt a negative impact on students as this news story describes

It is not fair to split up families. Children deserve more than living apart from their mother and father. Deporting the bread winner is a lose-lose situation for everyone. People, like me, came to the US to work hard and make positive contributions to society.

What can we do as Christians concerned for the well-being of our neighbors in a city of immigrants? Not surprisingly, the Queen City is home to one of the fastest growing immigrant and refugee communities. I am an immigrant myself, having arrived in New York 22 years ago this past week. Please pray for all our neighbors. Pray for the people who come here seeking a better future for their family, and to escape various horrendous situations in their home countries. Those who find their way here, should be welcomed. Not everyone is a drug lord or criminal. Not in my experience…and definitely not their precious children…