Aug 112019

Our immigrant neighbors are once again under attack. A scan of this past week’s news headlines confirms that it has been another sad week for our country and of course random unexpecting Hispanic people. El Paso, Mississippi, or right here in Charlotte. We cannot imagine the hardships so many are facing in our midst. Could these seemingly weekly occurrences playing out somewhere in our nation be avoided if everyone just showed some kindness and empathy for one another. Remember how the nation felt after 9/11? More solemn and more tolerance for one another.

Attending a local outdoor music concert this past weekend, I could not help but notice how encouraging it was to see people of different nations, tribes and tongues, chilling out together, having some fun, listening to Flute Praise, a professional blend of smooth Latin jazz music. There we were rubbing shoulders and dancing with neighbors from India, Africa, Central and South America … everyone getting on with one another … smiles on our faces … just enjoying a hot humid August evening together.

At LHCC, we pride ourselves in creating a cross cultural dynamic where our loyal volunteers take care of the sojourner family. Like us, the immigrant traveler is merely seeking a safe place to raise their young children and seek a better life of opportunity for their family. Regardless of your views on the subject of immigration, these are our neighbors and they are here among us. Our responsibility and call are to love them as we love ourselves.

Would you believe that every parent I have consulted, when given the choice, would rather be back in their home country with their family? Countries like El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala are simply not safe, being riddled with gang violence, drugs, corruption and trafficking. In my seven years of serving our neighbors, I have met so many good, God fearing people. Kind people. Caring people. Humble people. Not thugs. Not criminals. Just nice people.

If you have any doubt about whether the families that LHCC serves are hardworking and good people with sound character and right motives, we invite you to meet them. Come see for yourself that the parents we help with weekly education programs simply just want to provide a safe home and a safe environment for their children and live in peace. The same aspirations as any American would want for their children.

Please pray for our immigrant neighbors and those facing unimaginable hardships in detention facilities and facing imminent deportation. Pray for peace and comfort so that they are not anxious and fearful.

Shalom to you and yours, and be sure and join us as our programs recommence in the fall

Respectfully serving our neighbors

Brent Morris

Executive Director

Learning Help Centers of Charlotte

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