Our Current Needs


2017 Award

We were awarded a Platinum status by Guidestar for financial transparency and credible reporting. Efficient use of every financial contribution or product donation we receive has been our financial goal since inception in 2012.

It’s about to get hot around here this summer. We are seeking weekly scholarships of $65 to provide summer program & literacy enrichment for all children in our year-round program.

In addition:

  • $40 Provides a hot meal/snack for one day of after-school enrichment programming in the 2018/9 school, year
  • $60 Provides snacks and refreshments for a weekend community event for children for two days or the cost of acquiring two winter coats for children in need
  • $75 provides needed supplies for a learning center for one month of 2018 programming
  • $100 provides one meal for after-school enrichment for a month of 2018 programming or the cost of purchasing and shipping approximately 20 children’s chapter books
  • $195 provides a child scholarship for up to three weeks in our upcoming 2018 Summer Literacy & Enrichment camp program
  • $250 provides for the cost of a meal and refreshments for typical community event for 50 – 60 people
  • $350 provides a needy child with a comfortable bed, mattress and bed frame, including bedding
  • $600 covers one-fifth of the operating costs of our 15 seater LHCC passenger van for one year
  •         $1,000 provides a significant contribution to a new video that tells the stories of  the children and families we are helping 
  •        Would you consider a Planned Gift to LHCC? The gift that keeps on giving, well after it is provided. Please kindly email
  • We have an Amazon Wish List of items needed for our year-round after-school program

A donation of any amount makes a big difference. We appreciate your kind support!

Kindly consider a tax deductible contribution to our 2018 operating costs, by mailing a check to Learning Help Centers of Charlotte, P. O. Box 471534, Charlotte, NC, 28247 or making an online donation (right ribbon).

We are current with our 2017 IRS filing as a 501 c 3 non-profit entity. Our 2017 Form 990EZ was filed in May 2018 and is available upon request at email.

A copy of our 501 c 3 Tax Exemption Certificate, issued July 2012, is available upon request to prospective donors and sponsors at email.

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