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We are currently recruiting community representatives!


Our community representatives (CR’s) serve local apartment communities in the South Blvd and Central Ave corridors by building relationships among children and adults, supported by the leadership and volunteers from local supporting church and LHCC. Our team-members are usually assisted in their role as apartment-based LHCC representative with support from a spouse or family occupant in the execution of their duties. References to Chaplain may also refer or imply a husband and wife team, or family members living in the same household, as well as a single person. The role is defined as part-time, requiring an average of no less than 15 hours of service to the apartment community each week.

The community representatives will assist in determining the holistic needs of the apartment community (children, parents and management), and assist in the planning and delivery of services such as the afterschool program, family arts and crafts events, summer enrichment camps, parenting classes and spiritual enrichment, all of which are intended to strengthen the family unit and community as a whole, at the designated apartment complex.  The Resident Chaplain will assist in training and utilizing church volunteers, as appropriate, and will seek to empower both individuals and the community residents to become healthy, caring and compassionate to one another.

LHCC community representatives are commissioned and empowered to mobilize and lead others to share their passion to reach out and serve marginalized children and families.  They are spiritually mature with both serving and leadership skills and are able to communicate well with both children and adults.  They are comfortable in providing personal and spiritual counsel and reaching out to befriend and encourage strangers.  They can organize a variety of activities and volunteers and work with partner organizations that may help their Learning Help Center.  They work in partnership with LHCC, the sponsoring local church, and the apartment management team.

LHCC Community Representative Position Description:

Our resources must be a healthy person in mind, body and spirit with proven experience in service, faithfulness, responsibility and accountability and must reside in, and be an active member (neighbor and provider of program services) in the selected apartment community.

  1. Team-members are required to be an existing member of a local church, or be prepared to join the local sponsoring church.
  2. Team-members are preferably bi-lingual, thus being able to converse with residents in both English and Spanish.
  3. Team-members must be experienced or have a good understanding generational poverty, with a world-view, as well as biblical perspective of serving and caring for the least and the lost.  The Chaplain may be required to undertake LHCC chaplain training and/or local church appropriate training, as is offered from time to time.
  4. Team-members need to have experience with recruiting, organizing and overseeing the volunteer teams both from among apartment residents and the local sponsoring church.
  5. Team-members are required to meet with new residents within the first 60 days to welcome them to the neighborhood and share an outline of our program services, and make the necessary invitations.
  6. Team-members must be able to organize and facilitate the delivery of afterschool enrichment program (ASEP) devotions, room set-up, recruiting of church volunteers, and leading both children and those who coordinate the program in partnership with LHCC leadership and staff.
  7. Team-members need to be capable of recruiting resident parents, and assist in organizing family stabilization classes, for example assistance with budgeting, ESL referrals, financial literacy, parenting classes, etc.
  8.  Team-members should be prepared to assist in leading groups of apartment residents and encourage spiritual growth.  This may include children’s character development lessons and devotions and leading during the afterschool program, summer camp or as deemed necessary.
  9. Team-members will assist apartment management in organizing approximately four quarterly special activities (especially around holidays) for residents to build community.
  10. Team-members may be required assist apartment management in resolving resident conflicts and divisive issues in the community. This may include the formation of an apartment advisory group who meet with management to discuss and resolve items of interest.
  11. Team-members will be available to support residents on a part-time basis, whereby residents request an appointment at a given time each week or as agreed to with the resident.
  12. Team-members will report directly to the LHCC Executive Director, and will provide regular status reports of apartment-based priorities, needs and activities.
  13. Team-members receive a subsidized apartment and other benefits in return for their part-time services to the apartment community.

To apply, or for more information please email  us at and attach an updated resume and letter of reference.

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