Relationships are built one child at a time…

Feedback from our 2018 Fan into Flame Summer Campers:

“Thank-you {volunteer and donor} for sponsoring me to come to camp this week. I have enjoyed learning about God’s creations. I have liked to go swimming. I hope you have a nice summer. Thank-you for helping to make mine so much fun” Venus B 5th grade

“I have enjoyed learning about math. I have liked to go on field trips. My favorite was going to fish at Freedom Park and going to Monkey Joes” John 2nd grade

“My favorite thing to do was come to the Big Air {trampoline} park” Derrick rising 1st grade

“We had so much fun at camp this week. The new songs and trips to the greenway were cool. I want to come back next week” Karli 

“The camp was nice. I learned a lot about art and I liked going to the {swimming} pool” Britzia

“We liked coming to camp to go on the excursions to swim and play soccer” Jason

“You helped us to read. I liked doing the word puzzles and picture book puzzles” David

“Thank-you for taking care of me and my sister this week. We liked it a lot!” Jared

“This camp was so much fun. I liked going to the Duke Center and Mint Museum” Nicole

“I liked doing the skit on imitating God and being God’s masterpiece with my tribe. I learned a lot about being a better brother with my sisters” Mohamed

“Thank-you for giving us the best two weeks of our life. Thank you for letting us come to the reading camp” Dawt

“I have enjoyed doing jump rope every day, I also liked learning about math and having fun making new friends.” Jharubi 5th grade

“I know middle school is going to be more work. But I like reading much more now!” Jairo

“It is cool to be with different people on my tribe. I made some new friends. I did not like reading so much, but my helpers made it fun and now I like it more.”

Venus, rising 4th grade student and second year summer camp participant

“I really like being helped by {volunteer} on Tuesdays. We do homework and some reading. We have learned many new vocabulary words this week and I feel I will do good in my EOG’s”

Gerardo, rising 2nd grade and fourth year student

“I am happy to be going to summer camp next month with by brother and sister. I think I will like the swimming and soccer the best” 

Frank, rising 5th grade and first year program participant

“I have been attending the weekly tutoring program with my two brothers for quite a long time. The volunteers are very friendly and really help us with school work. We also have fun as well. I also started coming to the elementary school program so that I can help the younger children with their reading and writing, and it is nice to help them as well”

Karina, rising 6th grade and three-year program student

A Child’s Story of a Changed Life

“My name is Alisson. I live in Silverstone Apartments. I am a student at Hidden Valley Elementary School. When I was in the third grade, I had a teacher named Mrs. Porter. When I got my progress report, I had very bad grades. One day I was walking on the sidewalk, listening to a song and I bumped into this lady named Ms. Mae Browning. Ms. Mae said that she was the resident chaplain for Learning Help Centers of Charlotte at Silverstone Apartments. Ms. Mae invited me to tutoring where I learned a lot of math and reading. Then the summer camp came, Ms. Mae invited me and my sister to summer camp. On Monday we had to read a lot of books. Every day we had a character lesson before we would do any other thing. When school started, I was in the fourth grade, and my teacher was Ms. Cooper. Two months later, I got my progress report and had straight A’s.

One day, I went with Ms. Mae to pass out flyers, she let me tell the Spanish people what was on the paper. I was in the office one day and the person couldn’t speak English. So I translated for them. Now people come find me to go to this office and speak for them. I know that I am a girl who would succeed. I want to become a doctor and if I keep up with the good work I can become (one). Ms. Mae have taught me I can do all things if I pray and ask for help

Alisson R, 4th grade and third year-program participant

“All your hard work in tutoring me is paying off. All of my grades have improved. I want to be a business owner and support my family when I finish college”

Lakeina W – Tutored 5th grader/2017 Summer Camp rising star

 “Summer Camp was so cool and made the summer so much more enjoyable. I learned to swim and kept up my reading”

Anisha S – Tutored 4th grader/2017 Summer Camp rising star


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