2020 Year in Review


As we reflect upon an unprecedented 2020, we count our many blessings and recognize all that we have accomplished in serving the needs of our neighbors and communities, thanks to many kind and generous folks like you.

Here are highlights of our two new food insecurity initiatives, that remain critically important at this time, along with the impact of our core ministry services:

LHCC Mobile Meals

It took a huge team effort to make daily deliveries for six months

LHCC team members and volunteers travelled the last mile, so to speak, to deliver over 28,000 kid’s meals, between our catering partner (or schools) and families apartment homes, from mid-March thru the end of August”

LHCC Family Meal Bulk Distribution 

During the Stay-at-Home state-mandated order until last week, you helped LHCC distribute:

  • An estimated 900 lbs. of non-perishable goods, in partnership with Convoy of Hope
  • An estimated 1,500 lbs. of food acquired from retailers for distribution
  • Secured neighborhood food drives in partnership with Meduit, Kellogg’s and Ballantyne neighbors
    • Supplied 60 boxes of perishable breakfast food items
    • Supplied 200 lbs. of fresh meat, on a bi-monthly basis, over a period of 6 weeks
  • Secured and delivered an estimated 3,000 kid’s meals to families through our daily school Connect Hub, which commenced September 2020
  • Provided food gift cards to families in excess of $2,000

Connect Hub and After-school homework support programs

  1. We offered 25 in-person school days, where 25 to 30 children connected to teachers to complete a “not so normal” school day under the watchful eyes of team members and volunteers
  2. Daily provision of kids breakfast, lunch and refreshments for 20 to 35 young learners
  3. Daily recess activities and outdoor social interaction time
  4. Our students were encouraged to read with volunteer handlers and their therapy dogs. We distributed over 500 books to take home to address the book scarcity in homes
  5. Provided parent information and Zoom sessions to connect everyone with subject matter experts from public school, mental illness, library and partner non-profits
  6. You helped us deliver reading, comprehension, math and various learning assessments for all our students
  7. We implemented first time Remote Learning support for volunteers and students

Family Community Events

LHCC was fortunate to have been blessed to provide safe community events under CDC guidelines without any clusters or COVID-19 outbreaks this year.

We are so appreciative of all our volunteers, partners including corporate and individual donors for your kind support. Thank-you for being an integral part of our mission to serve alongside us as we provide scholastic, spiritual and social supports to families mired in generational poverty.

Our students and the parents showed their gratitude every step of the way
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