2019 Year in Review

Thank you for your support in 2019

Our mission and values remain grounded in serving the entire family with grace and dignity.  For the past seven years, our programs have offered scholastic, spiritual and social supports to immigrant and refugee families and under resourced children mired in poverty.

Our assimilation and educational goals for the coming school year are as follows:

  • Focus on mothers with young children, who have demonstrated an interest in learning English alongside other moms and helping their child.
  • Engage a greater number of families, and engage the whole family, as we seek buy-in to their children’s education and character-building interventions.
  • Target the youngest school children, where we can guide parents to make the biggest impact in early-learning, before children even start public school.

During 2019, we make a conscious effort to seek the Lord’s guidance through prayer and discernment, to become beacons of hope, rather than merely educators. As a result, and by God’s grace, we accomplished the following:

  • Increased our program emphasis on parent engagement and invited many more partners to educate adults on topics including mental health, child care, advocacy in public schools and
  • 150 children served during the entire summer, including vacation bible school and summer camps
  • Estimated 1,000 meals served during the summer and 2,000 during the school year
  • Improved ratio of volunteers to children in our after-school program (less than 2 to 1)
  • Two mission-based church partnerships directly supported summer literacy and spiritual development programs
  • Average 3 hours of reading intervention per child/day during the summer
  • Highest level of parental participation in year-round programs
  • LHCC was awarded a Great NonProfits award for 2019 for the third consecutive year

We are also most grateful to have added many new volunteers to help support the mission and address the growth and scholastic spiritual and social impact that we have fostered through trusted relationships.

Parent and volunteer feedback and stories have been most encouraging. Refer to our Great NonProfits portal for reviews.

Thank you for your prayers and support of Learning Help Centers of Charlotte in 2019. We covet your support again during 2020!

Brent Morris, Executive Director, December 2019

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