2018 Summer Enrichment Camp in Pictures


 At Learning Help Centers of Charlotte, we are honored and fortunate to be able to provide            much needed summer programming for our children. Whether it be experiencing the great outdoors, reading, playing soccer, praise and worship, meals, or learning to swim, we see first hand the positive impacts and contributions by staff, community partners & volunteers.

Here is our picture gallery for our first 3 weeks of summer camps

Our two Hannah’s enjoy a nature walk at Evergreen Park

Big Air Excursion at the end of camp #2


Pastor Santosh shares a bible story

Paco listens intently to a story about creation

Week #2 campers, staff, interns and volunteers. We had a fun day at Big Air

Day camps are about having fun with new friends

Chillin’ after our tour to The Mint Museum ~ Randolph Rd

We had some of the coolest kids in camp each and every day of camp

Every week included an opportunity to learn to swim

Children were groups into diverse tribes so that new friends could be enjoyed 

Each day included intervention got math, reading and writing

Thank-you to all our partners and sponsors for making our camps so much fun!





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