2016 Year in Pictures


2017 was an exciting eventful year for LHCC, as we continue to serve families and their children with love and dignity. Please enjoy some of the memorable moments, highlighting our program services, volunteers and kind words from both parents and children:

After school Homework & Reading Program


Volunteers of all ages get to interact weekly with the coolest kids in the community. We start with a devotion, prayers, snack-time and then the homework and reading, before a little soccer and exercise before we travel home.

Summer Enrichment Camp & Vacation Bible School 

2016five-girls     swimserena

meal-at-fhc-camp    onstage  connect-4

Clockwise: Many nations are represented at our camps (18 nations in total); let’s get the day started with praise and worship; learning to swim and having fun is always a great time for all; tribes demonstrate what they have learned each week; we eat nutritious meals each day,

Parents enjoyed the daily conversational English classes, while their children enjoyed summer camp, in the same facility. “We loved sending our children to summer camp, thanks for all you do for our apartment community” Maria H

“The best part about summer camp is having fun with my friends, and going to outings. I liked swimming, the soccer clinic and the Mint museum the most” Jason H ~ Grade 3

Saturday Community Sports

soccer-gymnasium  soccer-ashford  IMG_2291

Left to right: It doesn’t matter the weather or the season, we play soccer indoors or outdoors. We now have a new soccer court at Ashford Place apartments, which was a welcome Christmas gift!

Our program includes, opening prayers, devotions and a lot of running around!

Volunteer Experiences

hornets  2016corissa  Last Week of Summer Camp 2014 057

“My life is richer for having helped out with the children every week. Thank-you for the opportunity to serve with LHCC” Weekly volunteer & supporter

“Watching and hearing the reactions of the children to the Christmas lights and Hornets basketball, made volunteering so worth it” Diego V

Serving our community

potato-drop-family   bed-benevolence  derrick-cookie  lowes-santa  Hannah treats 047

Left to right: Potato drop for community residents; we love our new bunk beds; everyone loves cup-cakes; meeting Santa at the Lowes Motor Speedway Christmas village; end of summer and back-to-school community event

“What a blessing to receive a bed for my children, and for helping them with their reading and homework. We love you {volunteers} and thank God for you and all the volunteers. You are all a blessing to my family” Marbella B

Wondering how you might serve in the community in 2017?

We have opportunities for serving during the school day, in the evenings, on Saturdays, and over the summer. Email us at info@lhcclt.org  for more details


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