Childrens After School Programs


We offer complimentary afterschool programs and tutoring support for resident children from
Kindergarten to 8th Grade in Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and any other subjects that the child needs help with. This is also a fun volunteer opportunity!


To volunteer at our weekly tutoring learning centers, please visit our Volunteer Sign Up page.

Please note that our ASEP programs will resume in September after the start of the 2017/2018 CMS school year.

Comment from one of our volunteers about serving at Sun Valley and an inspiration for those considering serving a worthy cause:

“I have been very blessed in many aspects of my life. I volunteer at LHCC on a weekly basis because I strongly believe it is our mission in life to give back and our obligation to try to provide everybody with the same opportunities . These are very beautiful and bright kids, there is no better feeling than seeing them come to you to proudly show you their grades, and improvements on their report cards, but it is not all about grades, it is also about people believing in them and telling them they can do it, sometimes that is all it takes to make a big difference …”

Quarterly Report Card Rewards

If the kids get good report cards and/or exhibit good behavior at and outside of tutoring, they will be able to go to Monkey Joes and Adventure Landing as a reward. We recently treated over 20 children to the end of summer award day at the movies, a meal, etc. for maintaining their reading levels over the summer! These children will have returned to school with a heightened sense of accomplishment as we have encouraged them not to waste a summer!

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