“Go to the people, live among them, learn from them, love them, start with what they know, build on what they have, so that the best leaders, when their task is done will remark ‘We have done it ourselves.’”  —Ancient Chinese Proverb

We serve workforce apartment management, residents and children by offering free programs right where they live, and that create healthy, happy communities

Our Vision

  • To break generational poverty among low income apartment residents 
  • To expose children to a safe, relational environment where they can simply be themselves and have fun
  • To prevent and minimize school drop-out rates
  • To expose youth to positive role models and sound character development
  • To teach youth and adults the importance of physical activity and healthy nutrition
  • To educate  adults on living a healthy lifestyle
  • To develop collaborative partners with others who offer greater capacity and capabilities
  • To be intentional with our good deeds, leading to goodwill and good news

We provide five key program services to the apartment communities in which we serve:

 1.  Afterschool Support & Tutoring

TutoringwithJennaMidschooltutoringWeekly afterschool support and tutoring for resident children ages 6 to 14, utilizing professional resources and agencies in partnership with community schools to assure student success.  Our goal is to improve student reading, writing & math proficiency, improve school grades and reverse the adverse drop out from high school trend.

2.   Summer Camp Enrichment

“Fan into Flame” or “Shaping their Future” children’s camps comprise reading and academic enrichment, work ethic development, educational field trips, sports, swim clinics, and a whole lot more … We had close to 80 students from four apartment complexes attend our recently completed summer camp program, which proved to be a huge success. Click on Summer Enrichment Camp  to view pictures and testimonials from our 2014 Fan into Flame Future Summer Camp. Our recent 2014 Summer Camp ended in August after seven weeks of fun for the children who attend our afterschool program. We had an even more exciting time than 2013 with new adventures and partnerships that we have developed over the last 12 months. Our partners include Charlotte Soccer Academy (CSA), Urban Eagles, Forest Hill and Northside Baptist churches, Charlotte Aquatics, Michaels stores, and Discovery Place and the Nature Museum.

3.  Family Stabilization

Residents receive emergency financial assistance with rent and utilities through our partner organizations, in consultation with resident chaplain and case management. We visit with new residents, build resident community with events and offer targeted services like ESL, parenting classes, financial literacy & job assistance.



4.  Year Round Creative Arts and Sports Clinics

Summer Camp July 2013 101sun valley creative artsSpecial programs throughout the school year include apartment-based soccer, swimming, painting/drawing, music & dance. Each of our learning centers is currently offering regular monthly activities for both children and their parents to interact in a comfortable friendly environment. Volunteers have arranged various activities for children, while mom’s get their nails painted. Or the children do the honors and paint their mom’s and their friends nails. In addition, there is drawing, face painting, coloring, crafts and painting to meet everyone’s artistic needs. For those more inclined towards the outdoor and sports, we conduct events on the soccer fields/courts which stimulate teamwork and respect for others.

Sun Valley SoccerSVCA3

 5.  Spiritual Enrichment

Building children character and resolve to pursue a relationship with their Creator is key to spiritual enrichmentTrusting relationships with residents and children affords us the opportunity to offer adult bible studies and children’s devotions. The success of this service is measured by changed lives and decisions for Christ. Building children’s character and resolve to pursue a relationship with their Creator, especially from a young age, is key to spiritual enrichment. This is no different with adults. We undertake to meet them where they are and lead them to a place of comfort where they can ask questions about their faith. No pressure. we are intentionally very relationship orientated, build trust first before expecting that people with make what we believe is the most important decision of their lives here on earth.



In partnership with churches and resident chaplains who live in the communities in which we serve, Learning Help Centers of Charlotte mobilizes and equips churches and chaplains to provide transformative urban ministry among vulnerable, oppressed and helpless children and their families.
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